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We proudly present this collection as a homage to Detroit's history and heritage!


There are stories on every block, in every neighborhood, throughout the city. From the brick duplexes along Rose Lawn to the luxurious mansions of the Boston Edison district and Indian Village--Detroit is full of legacy. 


There were two great fires in the city of Detroit's long history, one in 1805, the other, the infamous revolt of 1967. Unlike the fire in 1805, the city never truly recovered from the flames of 67', but like the Latin phrase adorned on the Detroit flag: Out of the ashes WE Rise! 

As a brand, we are dedicated to facilitating Detroit's renewal and being a contributor to the city's NEXT chapter. Every garment in this collection is inspired by our dedication.

So from us to you: The original Paris of the West.

Paris of the West Premium shirt
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