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Different Cloth


About Us

What makes us Different

We're a clothing brand built off the hustle and grit of the city we represent, Detroit, Motown, the motor city, where hard work and dedication are second nature. Our clothes tell the stories of the legacy and heritage of the city as we celebrate the leaders and cultivators who paved the way for black and brown people while stitching together clothes that speak to a global audience. We believe in giving roses to those they are due to and we do that by creating unique merchandise that transcends trends. So while you follow us on our journey, we promise to present quality products that surpass the competition while being original and dope. We are committed to making an impact with our clothes and with our resources, which is why we created a Detroit-based program called Operation Backyard, which is a communitive effort to restore homeowner’s property in the inner city, one backyard at a time. Simply put, we truly are cut from a different cloth... See the difference.

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